Flagstaff Hill Display Suite

Located at the edge of Melbourne's CBD, Flagstaff Hill overlooks the famous Flagstaff Gardens. Developed by UAG, the 25-storey premium residential apartment complex aims to provide its residents with a vibrant city lifestyle and immediate connectivity to Melbourne's best. 


It's always a pleasure to see Tony Battersby's hand sketches come through. It enables us to flex our industry knowledge and get our creative juices going! Working with the architectural ideation sketches, Micio developed the branding and signage for the model plinth and entryway mirror wall into a feasible design that met all design expectations. All works are complete, and the results speak for themselves. The brand itself reflects the luxuriousness and modern lifestyle that Flagstaff Hill exudes. 


United Asia Group


West Melbourne VIC

Completion Year


Type of work

Entry Branding + Signage

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