Classic East Melbourne

Ranging from heritage townhouses to ultra-modern, high-end apartments, Classic East Melbourne encompasses three unique buildings located in East Melbourne, overlooking Yarra Park and Fitzroy Gardens.


Working with Bates Smart, Lovell Chen and Built throughout the project, Micio was responsible for delivering wayfinding, and statutory signage works. Our team worked to maintain the design intent with the architects and ensured the finishes and materials for all the signage went uncompromised. The nickel-plated finish for all wayfinding and statutory signage reflects the contemporary luxury finishes implemented throughout Classic East Melbourne.


Managing and delivering stakeholder expectations is easy when you can sit with the architect, builder and developer and communicate on a level that resonates throughout their imagined design. Bates Smart, Lovell Chen and Built were great to work with, and the final results speak for themselves.


Built Construction


East Melbourne VIC

Completion Year


Type of work

Statutory Signage + Wayfinding

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