Situated in luxury, the urban precinct of New Quay, Docklands, Marriott Melbourne Docklands has joined Melbourne’s iconic skyline and welcomed its first guests in November 2021. 


Developed by Capital Alliance, Designed by DKO Architecture, Micio were delighted to be involved with Icon in this fantastic project. From Sky Signage to Façade Branding, we placed the jewels on this one-of-a-kind development. 


Partnering with Icon, we worked on existing concept designs completed by DKO Architecture. We were responsible for the design development, construction, and implementation of the Marriott Docklands “M” Sky Signage, Building Branding and Entrance Signage. Due to new regulations within the Building Code of Australia (BCA) around combustible materials, the construction of the Marriott signage entered a new era. Moving away from traditional, flammable materials, Micio constructed all elements and framing from aluminium and Marriott sign faces from glass, setting new standards within the industry. 


Our main challenge was to ensure the design and manufacturing process was accurate and planned seamlessly throughout the process. Our programming ensured that onsite time and labour were efficient, and upon installation, the Marriott branding ran like clockwork. 




– External Architectural Signage

– Sky Signage




Icon Construction – Builder

DKO Architecture – Architect

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