Evolution of Illuminated signage


Illuminated signage has a rich history, dating back to ground-breaking discoveries in the 1850s. The evolution of materials, colours, technology, approaches, and motives has shaped this design realm since its debut in the 1890s.


The 1920s marked the zenith of neon lighting. In the ensuing decades, neon signs transformed buildings into round-the-clock advertising platforms. However, the 1960s saw the gradual decline of neon's allure, making way for alternative, cost-effective, and less labour-intensive options such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs).


While neon sign’s nostalgic charm persists for those seeking an old-school throwback effect, LEDs take the spotlight in illuminated signage design today, embraced for durability, energy efficiency, ecological friendliness, design flexibility, low heat emission, and minimal maintenance.


Despite the decline of neon signs' allure, the heyday of neon signs established these glowing signs as invaluable advertising tools for businesses. With advanced technology and knowledge, we continue to discover and explore unprecedented possibilities for illuminated signs.

Delving into the advantages of embracing illuminated signage


Discoverability and Visibility

Whether the glow against the night sky or the vibrant radiance during the day, your establishment becomes a landmark, guiding customers effortlessly to your doorstep.


Design Versatility

Design possibilities for illuminated signs are endless. Tailor your signage to encapsulate the essence of your business, conveying its personality and values. Dynamic colours, captivating animations, and innovative shapes turn your sign into a stunning piece of visual storytelling.


Differentiating Your Business

A well-crafted illuminated sign is not just a marker; it's an emblem of your brand's identity, setting you apart in the bustling landscape of commerce.


Energy Efficiency

Embrace sustainability as part of your brand ethos. Modern illuminated signs, especially those powered by energy-efficient LEDs, shine bright and do so without burdening the environment.


Low Maintenance Requirements

Illuminated signs, particularly those leveraging cutting-edge technologies, demand minimal maintenance, saving time and resources and ensuring your brand image remains consistently polished and professional.


In today's fiercely competitive market, capturing the attention of potential customers and standing out is more crucial than ever. Illuminated signs offer a proactive advertising approach to current and potential customers, enticing drive-by traffic and pedestrians. Radiating their brilliance day and night, these signs serve as powerful visual branding, ensuring your brand remains distinctive. Not confined to nocturnal businesses, illuminated signs make a stylish statement, establishing a resilient and reliable brand presence that endures long after sunset.




Q: Can illuminated signs be installed on any surfaces?

A: Illuminated signs are versatile and can be installed on various surfaces, but considerations and limitations exist. These include surface material, building codes, electrical accessibility, orientation, visibility, weather exposure, structural integrity, aesthetic factors, and installation method. Before installation, engage professional signage consultants to assess the site, provide recommendations, and ensure compliance with safety standards and local regulations.



Q: Is interior illuminated sign worthy?

A: The decision to invest in an interior illuminated sign depends on business goals, branding strategy, and the specific environment. Interior illuminated signs add sophistication and modernity to a space, enhancing the overall ambiance. Consider whether the aesthetic aligns with your brand image and if your target audience perceives them positively. Other factors to consider include interior design compatibility, budget, and maintenance.



Q: Will the illuminated sign look identical as the business’ logo?

A: The extent to which an illuminated sign resembles a business logo depends on the design elements, sign type chosen, and any specific requirements or regulatory constraints. Different types of illuminated signs offer varying degrees of flexibility, and the choice of illumination technology (neon, LED, etc.) can also impact the ability to accurately reproduce specific colours from a logo.


While not always identical, the goal is to capture the logo's essence, conveying brand identity effectively for a visually appealing representation.



Q: How cost-effective are illuminated signs?

A: Despite higher initial costs, illuminated signs offer long-term cost-effectiveness through enhanced brand visibility, recognition, and a modern aesthetic. Upfront costs include materials, lighting technology, and construction complexity. Ongoing energy and maintenance expenses exist but are justified by the impact on customer perception and brand recognition, making illuminated signs powerful marketing assets.



Q: Does Illuminated signage work during day time?

A: Certainly! In daylight, illuminated signs capture attention with bold colours, innovative designs, and unique features. They act as landmarks, guiding customers and establishing a strong brand presence. Interior illuminated signs, like LED displays or lightboxes, enhance atmospheres and contribute to visually appealing environments even in well-lit interiors. The versatility ensures continuous and effective visual branding, creating a memorable identity for businesses around the clock.



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