From the initial concept design to implementation, Micio delivered all aspects of the office expansion and fit-out for Melbourne Owners Corporation Services (MOCS) HQ in Hawthorn East, Melbourne. 


Micio's mission was to create a professional, functional workspace that fosters collaboration and productivity; we also ensured the space was aesthetically pleasing. While architecture provides the framework, interior design creates the layers that relax or excite an area. Micio's careful selection and execution of furniture, fixtures and equipment; walls adorned with artworks, luminaries, decor and signage, MOCS's new office has an understated lux feel that reflects the professionalism and high-end quality of the brand.


Each space has its specific purpose, and Micio's strengths and passion lie in maximising the potential of a branded space. 


Design & implementation

– Fit Outs

– Environmental Branding

– Signage




Melbourne Owners Corporation Services (MOCS) – Client

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