Having delivered some of Victoria's notable landmarks, developments and award-winning projects, Alchemy Construct is a vibrant, unlimited commercial builder dedicated to exceptional project quality and a positive and passionate attitude.


Micio feels honoured to be approached and engaged by Alchemy Construct to deliver custom wayfinding, meeting room names, window graphics and entry branding for their new South Melbourne Head Office. The Director of Brand and Marketing and co-founder of Alchemy Construct, Sarah Anne was simply brilliant to work with and wanted to acknowledge a hint of Alchemy Construct's energetic and Scottish essence to the space.


From concept to installation, all elements drew inspiration from their bright branding and the passionate and positive characters of the Alchemy team. We are thrilled that the design and the finished outcome reflect these qualities and compliment their welcoming, light-filled workspace nestled within 101 Moray Street.


Design & Implementation

– Environmental Branding

– Wayfinding




Alchemy Construct – Client

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