About Us

Founded by Clare Chang and Thomas Williams in 2017, Micio is a team of experienced, solution-oriented creatives and specialists with ambitions for shaping the connections between creativity and industry within the built environment sectors.


Offering 20+ years of experience in industrial, interior and graphic design, wayfinding and signage consultation and project management, Micio has worked on an extensive range of commercial, high-end residential and architecturally designed projects. With a vision to bridge the gap between creativity and industry and add long-term value to our client's business vision, we relish applying our technical knowledge, evident expertise and experience to collaborate with experts in fields to enhance sustainable and memorable spatial experiences.


Active listening, user-centred perspectives and collaboration for innovation have always been the centre of Micio's design thinking and approach. In addition, valuing highly of straightforward communication and attention to detail, we pride ourselves on achieving comprehensive and catered design solutions that not only meet but surpass clients' expectations and enhance built environments for the community.


There are various roles and responsibilities in the built environment sector, and we firmly believe that each part plays an equally essential role in complementing something great.


“Through branding, wayfinding and spatial design, we wish to spread the impact of our work and continuously contribute to our industry and the community.”

– Clare Chang, Founder and Director.